Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brainy Brownies & Pasta Sauce

So I picked up some ingredients the other day so I could try out some of the 'sneaky' recipes and so far I am very pleased! Today I made Brainy Brownies and my own version of pasta sauce with help from the cookbook. Both turned out very well and not a hint of veggie was noticed!

I had to substitute some things like the unsalted butter to margarine and unsweetened cocoa to just regular stuff for the brownies but that would be the only change. I made up my purple puree (spinach and blueberries) and froze what was leftover and had to make up the flour blend and put the leftover in a ziplock bag. At least they are all done for next time or recipe to use. I also had to make the orange puree (sweet potatoe and carrots) for the pasta sauce and just added it to my Ragu pasta sauce with other seasonings (chili and red pepper flakes). I added my lean ground cooked up beef to it along with whole grain spaghetti noodles. It tasted just like the usual spaghetti we eat. The brownies turned out great for being my first time trying them. No taste of spinach at all but had more of a blueberry flavor to them.

Overall I am satisfied and proud I was able to accomplish all this cooking with a 10 month old! We had a great supper and a great dessert!

Brainy Brownie Recipe:

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