Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini hamburgers on Panini bread

As much as I am always recipe hunting through cookbooks and online searching, I also love watching cooking shows! Thank goodness for that nifty little 'record' button because I am not sure I could catch them all in time of when they're on. I've been PVRing CBC's Best Recipes Ever show and caught up with a few shows the other day. There was a great and easy recipe for mini cheeseburgers aka sliders - - but I changed up a few things. We're not huge relish fans in this house so I added some flax seed and instead of buns used panini bread from Costco. They were really tasty and fun! As a side dish I just cut up some potatoes, put them in a bowl and microwaved for about 5-6 mins, tossed them on a baking sheet with some olive oil and lots of seasonings and baked in the oven at the same temp as the burgers (375 degrees for 20 mins). I put in the sliders halfway through the cooking of the potatoes. These sliders are also great for portion control because it makes you feel like you are eating a whole hamburger! My little guy indulged in 3 of the patties and chowed down on the panini bread, but he's a growing boy!


Holly Golightly said...

Love the new lay out! The food is looking delicious as always.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a blog...never seem to have time to go to many people's walls to see what they're up to. But you know all about that! I'm enjoying so far :)