Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today my sister and I were talking on the phone and she mentioned she'd like to start a blog about fashion. I thought that was a good idea for her because she loves clothing and likes to be on top of what's up and coming. It made me think... I love to cook and create new things and maybe I could do the same about one of my hobbies! Lots of times my hubby wanted to do some Youtube vidoes of me cooking up some of his favorite dishes and call it "Cooking With Michelle." I love how supportive he is and he always raves over what I make him for meals.

I am a new mother so I've really had to make time to prepare meals that are healthy and yet something I can pull together fast. The biggest thing is being prepared and having your veggies cut up ahead of time so that you are not scrammbling to wash romaine to try and make a salad. It certainly takes more energy but worth it in the end.

I'd like to blog about some of the recipes that I've tried and love and recipes that are easy to make and also easy to make healthy too. I live with a non-veggie husband so sometimes stuff I have to omit the good stuff but sneak it in somehow.

So as I blog about what you should try to make for supper for your family you can also visit my sister's blog and see what not to wear! Thanks for checking me out and I will do my best to keep an updated blog of new things for you to try out and with some pictures to see what the recipe looks like.

It's all about having fun!

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