Thursday, December 16, 2010

Salmon Stir-fry

So I made a goal to get back on the 'green' track of things as of today. I stocked up on all kinds of veggies and lean meats in our grocery order the day before and I do not like wasting so it will have to get eaten! Tonight we enjoyed some salmon done up in the frying pan and I stirfried some veggies on a bed of baby spinach. To the veggies I added PC brand Honey Hoisin stir-fry sauce which gave a nice sweet yet spicy taste. I also noticed at the grocery store that organic items are becoming less expensive so we've been enjoying picking up more since it is better... isn't it?


Holly Golightly said...

This looks really yummy! It is a night on the town tomorrow though! I am excited for the Wok Box.

Michelle Smith said...

I'm very excited too... think I will blog what I get tomorrow!