Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strawberry Whole Wheat Muffins
Well, now that the holidays are coming to a close it's time to get back on track. It's not a 'New Year's' resolution to be healthy, it should be a way of life. I had some strawberries kickin' around in my fridge and thought it would be nice to have some muffins in the morning to go with our cup of coffee. You can make all kinds of substitutes in this recipe especially after reading all the reviews. I used whole wheat flour, Splenda, vanilla, cinnamon, and added some Fibre One cereal as a topping. The batter was really gooey and sticky so I'd suggest sticking straight to the recipe as follows (as I didn't..oops!) Nonetheless, they turned out pretty good for being a 'healthy' muffin. Looking forward to enjoying one with my coffee tomorrow morning. Hope you can add a little 'healthy' in the new year too!


Holly Golightly said...

Looks good but the "whole wheat" in the title is freaking me out.

Michelle Smith said...

That's why I have the food blog and you have the fashion! ;)