Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tackling a Turkey

I love the movie "Julie & Julia" because today I had the same sorta feelings going into making a turkey just like Julie did about deboning her duck the way Julia Childs did it. I've never had to make my own turkey since it was always done by my mother. I worked at a Greek/Lebanese restaurant in my early 20s and learned a lot about working the cash, taking orders, prep work, cooking meat properly, making salads, dips, pita bread, rice, lasagna, quiche and all kinds of stuffed pita pockets. I loved working in a kitchen environment (even washing the dishes!) and was also responsible for running few of the kitchens and restaurants on my own (the franchise had 5 locations at the time). Don't you ever wonder if way back then you were supposed to be doing something different as a career but fail to see that until now? I don't have any regrets on the choices I've made in my life because I am loving every minute of being a stay at home mom to my boys, because I'm still getting to cook either way! I will, though, be instilling every culinary skill I can upon them so they will grow up knowing how to fend for themselves when it's time for them to leave home.

So, all of this had lead up to tackling a turkey for the first time ever. It turned out really well and was a really fun project! Next... deboning a duck... nah just kidding! I'll leave the deboning to Julia Childs!


S said...

Well my family and myself really enjoyed your first Turkey! Thanks for the invite. It was Delicious with a capital "D"... You always know how to put words together... I love reading your blog!

Michelle Smith said...

Thanks so much and for all the great tips on making turkey soup... we're really looking forward to it! This was a great way to kick off 2011!