Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Back!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
It's that time of year again... yes Christmas. But for some people it is not a glamorous time of year but sometimes a sad one and a hard one to get through. Last year I had the privilege of serving some of the homeless and less fortunate in the uptown Saint John area with an organization called Outflow. Our team was responsible for doing 2 full meals a month. It was a challenge but very rewarding. This year I am not able to attend but have offered to do desserts. I've been taking an afternoon and baking up some cookies and squares and then putting them in the freezer so they are all ready to go if they are needed. I love doing Christmas baking but I find when it's done too early it gets eaten up and we don't really need the added pounds right now! So challenge yourself  this season to find a way to give back and help someone out. It'll be something I will certainly be instilling in my children that we need to help others in a time when we have so much. Happy baking and lets make poverty history!

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Holly Golightly said...

Such a great idea! Good for you.