Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mexican Christmas Dinner

Chili in Spinach Tortilla
Cream cheese taco dip

Tonight my sister Holly and her husband Jordan came over for dinner and then took out my oldest boy Leeland (almost 17 months old) to the Santa Clause Parade. I wanted to make something fun and easy to prepare before they went. It was definetly the perfect day to have chili... the snow was falling really lightly all day and was so pretty. A friend of mine suggested to me on Facebook after seeing my Spicy Taco Salad to use red and green tortilla shells as the bowls for Christmas so that is what I did! Thank you Shannon! I bought the green tortilla (which are made out of spinach) and formed them into a bowl and stuck them in the oven to harden up. I also made a taco dip (cream cheese, salsa, shredded cheese) as an appetizer. Earlier in the morning I made some chocolate cupcakes to decorate later on for a quick dessert. I love how the red and green theme of Christmas came out in the Mexican food. It was a great meal... and of course with great company. Leeland had a blast with his Auntie and Uncle at the parade and I'm happy he was able to experience it.


Holly Golightly said...

I am looking at these pics thinking I could go for that all again!!! haha. It was really yummy. Thanx for making us supper. We had a BLAST!

Michelle Smith said...

I did do it all over again... and now I don't feel so good... LOL.