Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cake Pops!!!

In honor of my 31st Birthday, I took the plunge and made cake pops for the first time. I did lots of research and watched lots of youtube videos on how to make them and I think they turned out great! It was quite the process so let me begin on how I did them.

I started with the essentials: a cake mix, tub of icing, chocolate melting wafers, and sticks. I only used one 8" pan and used half the batter and for the other half of the batter I made cupcakes. I just didn't want to be doing this all night so this was the best idea.

Once the cake was baked, I crumbled it up in a bowl and put it in the fridge to cool for about a half hour and decorated my cupcakes while that all cooled. Then to the crumbs I added half of the tub of icing and mixed it up with the mixer until it turned 'fudgey'. After that, I took a tablespoon and formed them into balls and laid them on wax paper on a baking sheet. Now, your hands are going to get quite sticky after making a few so you will have to wash your hands every 3-4 balls. Once the balls were made, they were put in the fridge for another 10 minutes or so just to settle and get tight.

In the meantime, I melted up the chocolate wafers. I found these pastel colored wafers at Homesense for $3.99 a bag and just used one bag for this project. I took the balls from the fridge and dipped my stick into the melted chocolate at the ends and then stuck it into the balls and then back down to the wax paper.

Back into the fridge they went for another 10 minutes and back out they came for the dipping! You may need to reheat your chocolate. Dip the balls in and use a spoon to cover around the tops of the balls and twirl to get off the access chocolate. Keep twirling them until they seem dry and not drippy. Then add your sprinkles and you're done!

They are quite the long process but are super fun to make! Looking forward to making more of these with other colors and sprinkles!

Google 'how to make cake pops' and try them for yourself! They are really delicious and they are cute looking!


egbkid said...

Wow, did they ever turn out nice! They look yummy!

Holly Golightly said...

Cool! Me likey! Hope you had a good B-day!

soMEr said...


Anonymous said...

They're sweet Michelle!!! I've seen them online and then seen yours, I'm making them with Chloe today, and of course following your recipe, since you're a must more trustworthy source ;) They're so cute.

Michelle Smith said...

Have fun! Don't get too discouraged if a few fall off the stick when dipping them into the chocolate... just make them into ones you eat with your hands!