Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mini Hash n' Egg Cups

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We really enjoy breakfast for supper nights. They're easy and quick to put together. I decided to try and make a cross between a frittata and a quiche. I added some frozen hashbrowns to a frying pan with a bit of olive oil, onion powder, and Italian seasonings and cooked them up just until they were soft (not crunchy). I whisked about 5 eggs with a half cup of skim milk and some shredded cheese. I used a muffin tin that held 6 and filled each one up with the hashbrowns at the bottom and then poured the egg mixture until they were filled up. They tasted great but some cooked up pieces of bacon would have been great too! You can add to the mix with whatever you like; spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers etc. would all work. I put them in the oven for a good 25 mins at 350 degrees. They're great for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

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