Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate Pancakes

So today is my hubby's last day off of his vacation so we're making the best of it even though we're snowed in at the moment! The snow is coming down fast and the winds seem to be picking up. I wanted to make some pancakes for breakfast but wasn't sure what to add for flavor. When I looked in my fridge I saw a carton of Organic Chocolate Soy milk staring at me and thought... chocolate pancakes! So I just added that instead of regular milk which my pancake mix calls for (I use PC Organic pancake mix). I also added about a tablespoon of cocoa just to give it a little more chocolate taste and drizzled in some chocolate sauce into the mixture. They tasted great! Needless to say, my big 19 month old as of today loved them.



Awesome I love your latest creation they look very delish!I use Pc organic pancake mix to as it has no dairy for my kids (when I buy a mix)otherwise I have a really basic but simple and quick recipe that I use and it's pretty similar!That's great you drink Chocolate soya milk does Leeland like it to?

Michelle Smith said...

I think after this box mix is up I'll find a good whole wheat recipe. The chocolate milk is more for me but I guess he could try it out... we'll see!