Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Shaped Pizza & Dessert

Well, we ended off our Valentine's weekend on a great note with some homemade pizza and chocolate cupcakes!

I've never made pizza dough from scratch but thought it would be fun to shape them into hearts. I used this dough recipe  to try out. I did 2 cups of white flour and 1 cup of whole wheat. They turned out well for the first time but next time I may omit the whole wheat flour just so the texture will hold together better. We had some tasty toppings too: bacon, sliced ham, Frank's Sweet and Spicy bbq sauce covered pieces of chicken, and pineapple. Sweet and spicy always go great together!

For dessert I made up some Chocolate cupcakes and topped them off with chocolate ganache which were simply divine with a hot mug of coffee. The perfect way to unwind the evening away.

My hubby made me a light tent and we're both excited to use it for some great food photos. It still has to be tweaked a bit but we had fun trying it out today. More great future foodie photos to come from the tent soon!


Lizzy said...

Your heart pizza is so cute...yummy looking, too. And those chocolate cupcakes wouldn't last long here...that shiny ganache is calling my name! Happy Valentine's Day~

soMEr said...

what a sweetie you have! I was looking at the picture of the "tent" on FB and was like-what the heck is that...had to read your blog to find out! Such a great idea, that man loves you...and your cooking!

Elisabeth said...

Such a sweet gesture with the heart shaped pizza, Michelle. So yummy and inviting. Also, the cup cakes are ever so cute, with the xoxo on them.
The ganache is droolworthy. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's!