Saturday, February 5, 2011

Szechwan Salmon

We love salmon in our house! I should rephrase that: We love 'Atlantic' salmon in our house! I did a little research on the differences between Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Here's a bit of what I found to what is the taste difference between the two:

"The answer is subjective; it depends upon your taste buds. However, Atlantic wild salmon usually isn't sold since it's mostly caught by sports fishermen and not commercial fishermen. Farmed raised salmon is consistently fresh and flavorful because it's shipped as soon as it's killed and gutted. Pacific wild salmon, which is readily available in West coast fish stores, is leaner than Atlantic salmon although its taste varies depending upon where it was caught. Pacific wild salmon varies in taste depending upon where it was caught and this adds to its interesting flavors."

Salmon trimmings are great to use because they cost less and are already cut up and perfect for stirfrys. You do have to make sure there are no bones. 

Tonight we enjoyed some salmon trimmings baked in the oven (for about 15 minutes) with some VH Szechwan sauce, whole grain brown rice, and veggies.

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