Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toddler Naan Pizza & Smoothie

Pizza on Naan Bread
It should be easy to cook for the little ones, but they are days when they seem pickier than others. My youngest hasn't put much of a fuss up about his food yet, but my eldest is starting to realize that 'green' things are not tasty things. One type of food he sure does love is pizza. But I like to make their pizza on naan bread because it is a bit softer for them to eat (as long as you don't bake it in the oven too long). The best part of making their pizza is the toppings because that is where you can hide the greenest of green things that toddlers tend to not eat. Have fun with it!

Nothing goes better with pizza than a smoothie for dessert! It's a great way to use up ripe fruit too. Add a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt (any kind, any flavor), your choice of fruit (frozen fruit is perfect), and some juice (orange or apple work great) and blend! Add some whip cream for the dessert factor. Lunch with the kids isn't just a great meal for them, it is for me too!

Pizza-faced Leeland enjoying his smoothie :) 

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