Thursday, March 17, 2011

Challenge Week 3: Get more fiber!

So we are on Week 3 now of the challenge which is to find more ways to sneak fiber into your baking and cooking. I found a site that explains 29 different ways to get fiber into your diet. I was a bit surprised at just how easy it is to do and how many people don't get enough of it. Fiber isn't just great for weight loss but it fills you up so you can get through your day. Check out this site for all the details:

When we're baking and cooking you have to look at your ingredients and see what you can use to replace or add to your meal to add more fiber to it. For example, take your favorite muffin recipe and instead of using white flour use whole wheat and instead of the oil it calls for use applesauce and instead of the sugar try to use brown or a sugar substitute and add some flax seed for a topping. You can actually create something super healthy by just changing a few ingredients. So for this challenge, really try to read your recipes in a way where you can sneak in the fiber. Start by buying whole wheat flour instead of white.

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