Friday, March 11, 2011

Maple Toast Eggs

Maple Toast Eggs
I am currently obsessed with the Mennonite Girls Can Cook food blog. They have the best easy homecooking type of meals and are a great group of ladies who celebrate their baking by honoring God with their creations. They actually have a cookbook coming out in May which I am so excited to get! I love to make brunch type of meals and came across their Maple Toast Eggs ( which looked really neat and easy to create so I made them for our lunch. The bread really got stuck to the bottom of the muffin tin so I suggest really getting them saturated with the butter syrup or making sure you spray your muffin tin. These smelled really good while they were cooking. I used turkey bacon and whole grain bread. Once I plated them I drizzled some maple syrup over the top and that was like the icing on the cake! Delicious and super cute too!


Holly Golightly said...

These are different but sound good.

egbkid said...

That looks good! Might do that for breakfast tomorrow :-)

Shannon said...

You should check out the cookbook More with Less; It's a Mennonite cookbook full of recipes, health tips, cooking tips, money saving tips etc. Many great recipes, generally low in sugar etc etc. It's an oldie, but a goodie you could say!