Thursday, March 10, 2011

Falafels & Butter Chicken

I like to cruise down the international aisle and really take my time to look at the 'stuff.' I say 'stuff' because a lot of it I am not familiar with but have really enjoyed so far some of the 'stuff' we have tried already! So I picked up a mix to make falafels! From what I gathered from the ingredients is that it would taste like hummus but have a crispy coating due to the deep frying. All I had to do was add 2 cups of water, let it sit for an hour, and then formed the mixture into balls. I added some vegetable oil to my pot and brought it up to the right temperature (put a wooden spoon to the bottom of the pot and if bubbles rise to the top you're good to go). When they were done frying up by rising to the top, I took them out put them on some papertowel to soak up the remaining oil.

I make my butter chicken the easy and quick way. You really need to invest in a wok. They are such a great invention for cooking meats and veggies. I did not use any oil to cook up my chicken pieces, all I did was add some beef broth (or use any kind of broth you have). So one way to omit oil is by using a wok! After the chicken was cooked up I added some VH Butter Chicken sauce and stirred it up to get it warm. Basmati rice (or any other rice) pairs up perfectly with butter chicken and some Naan bread on the side is awesome for dipping!

The falafels weren't my favorite thing ever because I did find them to be a bit dry. My little guy loves hummus (as do I) and I knew they would be a hit with him and they were! Try something neat the next time you take a stroll down the international aisle!

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Holly Golightly said...

Looking good especially the balls!