Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneaky Wrappers

I decided to wrap up our last challenge of 'how to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies' with these really easy won ton wrappers filled with corn, black beans, chicken, and shredded cheese. Fill these wrappers up with all kinds of different goodies. When you are finished setting down your toppings, brush around the outside with some egg wash, then fold all corners into the center. Get your frying pan on medium heat with some olive oil and fry them for about 30 seconds on each side until golden brown. Cool them on some papertowel.

Since my toddler enjoys dipping his food, I made a side of guacamole on the side with half a ripe avocado, bit of lemon juice, and some low fat sour cream.

This recipe can be found in The Sneaky Chef except it's with a different filling. These wrappers were a great idea and really didn't take much effort.

For dessert, I cut up some of my little guy's favorite fruit with some Greek yogurt mix with Epicure's fruit dip mix for dipping and a Bear Paw cookie. I really enjoyed this week's challenge and learned a lot about feeding my ever growing toddler! Hope you enjoyed the 4 week challenges too!

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